Nature is indifferent to our presence. The wind, rock, ice, woods or the ocean couldn't care less about the few conscious beings moving through or touching it. Nature just is and happens and we can only accept and adjust.

As we interact with nature as climbers, hikers, skiers or however the problems we encounter are simple and it is up to our skills, physical abilities, luck and determination if we are able to deal with them.

The clouds are rushing in as we are on pitch five: Should we continue or bail? The next section looks hard and the last bolt is quite far below me: Do I have the skills and guts to continue or should I ask my partner to take over?

In such situations clutter and noise is absent in the mind. The world is reduced to the immediate and is expanded at the same time. The next five meters of rock are the whole of the world at that moment.

In such a reduced and absolute experience mind and body can work in unison without external influences beyond the immediate. The thoughts that do happen are sharp and linked to movement and concrete decisions.

Emotions are pure - the fear of falling, the rush of anger when a move fails or the feeling of elation and relief when the next bolt is clipped after digging deep.

All of this is Ma. Pure silence of the mind that gives room to experience oneself and the true beauty of the outside world that we are able to take in this way.

PS: This text was inspired by the book „Golden - The power of silence in a world of noise“ by Justin Zorn and Leigh Marz.