This article is part of a series in which I am reviewing the local climbing spots on Mallorca (and the other balearics) from my beginner / intermediate climber point of view.

The climbs
I found this area during my usual evening strolls on the Punta de n`Amer peninsula. As of now I found four „sectors“ in and around the old quarry by the sea on the Sa Coma side.

„The Gym“ is an approximately 40 degree overhanging wall shaded by trees. Some friendly person has carved additional jugs into the sandy rock. The area is more or less a real rock spraywall.

„The Corner“ offers a vertical 90 degree corner for some stemming fun.

„The arch“ is great to train heel hooks while making it across without being too far from the ground.

„The Roof“ has potential for some very hard climbs as it’s completely horizontal and has a mix of good and less so holds.

From either the beaches of Sa Coma or Cala Millor find your way onto the nature reserve of the Punta de n`Amer and the old quarry found there (closer to Sa Coma). The spots are in and around there.

The good, the bad and the ugly
In terms of setting and ease of access this area is top notch. The climbing is varied and there is definitely more potential here. Especially in „the gym“ the soft sandy floor allows you to play around without bouldering mats.

The only downside might be the sandy and somewhat crumbly rock in the „gym“ and the „corner“.

More Information
As of now the areas are not documented on theCrag or similar platforms.