Exploring the abandoned theatre turned graffiti exhibition „Es Fogueró“

A bit of background. The „Es Fogueró Palace“ was a short lived revue theatre for more than 2000 people that opened up in 1989 and closed just two years later. Since then it has been abandoned and only „used“ by graffiti artists, homeless folk and skateboarders.

In early 2022 I gave into my curiosity and visited the place to see what can be found there 30 years later. The first thing we noticed when getting there was: No fences or other barriers! I really do like the Spanish attitude of „Do what you want. If you get hurt - your problem!“ as opposed to the German „We need to protect you from yourself.“ - approach.

So we just strolled onto the grounds and looped around the building to find the main entrance at the back. The whole structure is in pretty good shape even though anything of worth (metals, fixings etc.) have been removed over the years. On entering I still was a bit careful mainly as not to disturb anybody using the place as a shelter - however it was completely empty.

For the next half hour or so we roamed the main hall, backstage and lower levels and discovered tons of sometimes really great graffiti. Honestly the sheer number and quality of spray art found here makes the place worth a visit and the artists seem to respect each other’s work and not spray over it.

On the way out we found evidence of people having lived in the structure with homemade doors and cages for presumably rabbits that were kept for food. So if you visit and meet someone there be respectful - people do not always choose their place in life.

Adventurers: Brigitte and Bengt