Packing your Bags and ready to go?

Torben and myself flew into Arlanda, Stockholms main airport, and met up in the afternoon to reassemble the bikes. The plan was to ride about 100km this first day making use of the fact that up north the sun is shining until late into the night.

However after a bit of overzealous allen key work I managed to break my bike, and to add insult to injury my back tire flatted, before even leaving the airport. So instead of riding a few hours into the night we started searching for somebody who could fix a broken seatpost clamp Friday evening. Bikeshops: Non open, local bike sharing organization: Super helpful but unable to fix it, car repair shop with guys not speaking a word of english: Able to recut the thread and get us on the road for real (Thanks to that shop in Märsta for the generous help and Torben for the idea).

Later and quite a bit into the night already we hit our first backroad and the vibe of this trip was set immediately: Gorgeous landscape dipped in golden sunlight accompanied by the sound of tires rolling over gravel. That night we stayed in Enköping, a fairly non-descriptive small town embedded in farmland, and looked forward to the next days which would bring us much deeper into the woods.

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