Hiking, Riding and climbing on and around the rock towers of Huesca

To the north west of Huesca in Spain the pre-Pyrenees mountains form a very special landscape of deep gorges, medium size peaks and those special conglomerate rock towers that scream „Climb me!“ to anyone that hears the call. Just look at one of those Mallos (as they are called here) - especially the Mallos de Riglos - and you will know if you are one of them.

But what if you are called but the 300 meter 6b and up routes in Riglos are just a bit intimidating? Look no further than the small village of Agüero one 5 kilometers to the west. A beautiful little town that sits under its own Mallos and has everything one would want: Great climbing at all grades (and levels of protection too), fantastic hiking and so so many vultures and stunning views.

We stayed here for three nights and made good use of the autumn weather. To illustrate what the place has to offer let me just list of what we did:

First I did a great road bike ride to the famous Castell de Loarre.

We hiked around the Mallos and watched the vultures soar and battle with the crows. Another day we walked to the abandoned village of Sanfelices and visited and ancient chapel.

And finally we climbed both on Sport and multi pitch routes on the weird rock that makes up the towers. Some describe it as potatoes glued together - kinda apt.

So without many more words: If you visit the area make sure to consider stopping by Agüero!

PS: Even if it may sound so - I am not paid by anyone to rave about this village. It's just great.

Adventurers: Brigitte and Bengt