Who are we?

Hi, I am Bengt (swedish name, german born and living in Spain) and I have been riding bikes since my late 20s and started touring on them a few years later. More recently I got into hiking and scrambling around in the mountains.

Whether its on road, gravel paths, or in the high mountains, just one day or weeks on end, with friends or alone - the idea always is to get out there and make memories.

Hi there, my name is Torben. I was born and raised in a small village right at the border of the Bavarian Forest. Similar to Bengt I started Cycling some years ago. First with a Hipster-Steel-Bike and step by step I fell more into the rabbit hole.

Now it does not matter - Cyclocross, Touring, Trackcycling or just with a normal Road bike. As long as it sound like fun I am willing to give it a try.

What is this?

On this site we (Bengt and Torben) talk about our outdoorsy type trips on bikes and on foot. Often we travel together, other times solo and sometimes we even cheat and take other folk.

The site has articles, photos and videos on our travels, as well as what we learned about the how and what of bikepacking and hiking.

Why are we doing this?

After watching countless perfectly produced Youtube videos of people crossing the Andes (almost losing all their toes) or kayaking the coast of Alaska (and being chased by bears) and being pretty intimidated by the scale, danger and “epicness” of other peoples adventures we decided that showing that getting outside, making memories and having your own adventure is doable for anybody.

So we started to write down the achievable adventures we had in the last few years and will continue to do so for the stuff that is coming up.

Also we are a forgetful bunch and needed a place to describe our trips to help us remember...

If you want to get in touch with us click here!